Land and Real Estate Professionals


McDonald developed and implemented plans to both improve and prepare our property to sell. Starting with a raw property that was not easily usable or accessible, McDonald brought in his crew to build entrance roads, internal roads as well as trails. They also cleared underbrush creating a park-like appearance and cleared area for pasture – all of this work was done at a great price and the end result was a very usable, appealing and accessible estate tract. This made a big difference in attracting interest as buyers could comfortably see the property and visualize the enjoyment of it. McDonald knew what this property needed and his skills brought it to reality. He also developed a marketing plan to present to targeted buyers and resulted in a top-dollar sale in a challenging market.

Autrey McMillan, Owner of McMillan’s Big and Tall

Prior to moving from out of state, we researched many land brokers in the area, spoke with several more and chose McDonald to find our property. We provided him with a list of criteria that we desired, but after evaluating many properties that were on the market (including McDonald’s current listings) none were a great fit for our needs. McDonald continued searching, going through his list of large land owners in the area. Soon he not only found the ideal property for us, he negotiated a good deal for us and the seller. Even after closing, McDonald continues to advise and assist us in setting up a long-term plan for future improvements. Unlike some other agents we worked with in the past, McDonald focused on finding the property that met OUR criteria, and he certainly came through for us.

Buck and Paula Phillips

I had envisioned the dream for a recreational property my family could enjoy. Not knowing where to start, I shared the vision with McDonald who then scouted and evaluated many properties to find the best match. On only our second trip out, he took me to a property and shortly after arriving I knew this was the one. Riding and walking the land with McDonald and discussing the possibilities confirmed my first impression and McDonald went on to negotiate a great deal. After closing, he got annual fields planted quickly and efficiently so my family could enjoy the upcoming hunting season. I entrusted McDonald with my dream and he exceeded expectations in making it a reality!

Jason Kimbrell, Executive Vice President of Employment Screening Services

McDonald Strong is very dedicated and works tirelessly to get the job done. He goes above and beyond what most real estate brokers do. He is very good at picking his target market and getting information to them.

Michael E. Stephens

McDonald did an amazing job selling my property. My property would not have sold without McDonald’s follow up with someone who had previously looked at the property. I was mere hours away from signing a contract with a forester to cut some timber off of my land and clean it up. Because of this, I was taking the property off of the market for a couple of months while the cutting and cleanup was underway. McDonald called a gentleman to whom he had previously shown the property to let him know our intentions. Because McDonald initiated the contact and created a sense of urgency for the gentleman, I was able to get a full price offer on the property. We closed the sale soon after the offer was accepted, and I can’t be happier with the work McDonald did for me. McDonald has an in depth knowledge of the land market south of Birmingham, and he also has a vast network of potential buyers and sellers. I highly recommend McDonald Strong for buying or selling any rural property.

Andy Gagliano, Gagliano Mortgage, Inc.

My wife and I couldn’t imagine going through the process of making our first land purchase without McDonald Strong’s tireless assistance. Our property search was a two year process, which lead us to many agents in Alabama. Once I talked to McDonald, I knew I wanted him to help find our future homesite. He helped us narrow down our search and find an amazing property that was a great investment as well as a good place to build our future home. We live out of state so it was very important to find an agent we could trust. We honestly felt that McDonald treated us like family. He routinely went well above what I would have expected from an agent and continually impressed me with his excellent knowledge, low pressure attitude and exceptional service well after the sale. I don’t think you could find a better agent!

Major Kevin Kotula, Pilot, United States Air Force

McDonald Strong has been extremely helpful and efficeint. An adjacent land purchase from a corporate entity that we had pursued for several years, McDonald was able to arrange in a few months. After purchase, he has continued to guide and help us, as we seek to be good stewards and enhance the value of this land.

Britta Brott and Bill Hillegass