Land and Real Estate Professionals


Strong Realty is your full-service resource for buying, selling, locating or developing land.  As a licensed broker since 2004, McDonald Strong is qualified by experience to answer any and all questions regarding land across the Southeast, especially in Central Alabama.  Strong Realty has a proven track-record of performance and no matter what your needs will provide ample references as well as visual documentation demonstrating successful land development and appearance improvement.

  • If you want to SELL land
  • If you want to BUY land
  • If you need assistance in LOCATING land
  • If you have land needing DEVELOPMENT
  • If you have land needing IMPROVEMENT
  • If you need advice in PREPARING land for sale
  • If you want an opinion on the POTENTIAL of your land

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You can reach McDonald at 205-612-2848 or by email: .